A new adventure

A new adventure

New Beginnings – Welsh Holiday Homes

When we set out on our journey to owning Welsh holiday homes, we’d decided that we didn’t want to do anything half-baked. What do we mean by that? Well, anyone who’s regularly stayed in holiday cottages will know that they’re not all created equal.

Keeping it Fresh

The situation and weather, you can’t do much about. What we’re talking about is the inside. How many times have you wished you’d taken your own linen? Or towels? We don’t know about you, but for us, there’s not much worse than towels that look like they’re retired dog towels, or smell musty. Musty towels and sheets are an absolute no-no in our book!

Kitchen & Bathroom – More than nice to haves!

Next on the list is the bathroom. We want it to be clean and we’d rather like it to work. You know, hot water and that type of thing? We know that things break and pipes can burst, but outside of that, it just has to be at least fit for purpose.

Then, there’s the kitchen. It doesn’t have to be all mod cons. We’re on holiday, so we’re not expecting to be chained to the kitchen sink or doing washing every other day. But it’s nice to have some basic appliances isn’t it?

Whilst on the subject on the kitchen, it’s essential to have enough crockery for the number of guests you say you cater for, along with cutlery.

The real kicker for us though, is when we want to cook something and there’s a choice between a small saucepan you could probably squeeze the contents of a can of baked beans into, and a frying pan. And nothing in between… It’s frustrating, especially if you’ve been organised and planned a grocery delivery, only to find you can’t cook your produce!

Dog friendly gardens

Lastly, the garden. If it’s advertised as having outside space, it has to be usable and safe. Dog friendly you say? Then please ensure it’s enclosed to keep pooches of all shapes and sizes on the reservation.

Anyway, you get the gist I’m sure? We’ve been on the wrong end of several stays and haven’t particularly appreciated it.

So, in starting our own journey as the owners of Welsh holiday homes, we decided that we’d do it properly.

Giving the extra touches that make it special

One of the first things we did was to go out to our network, and beyond, to request must haves and nice to haves for a happy holiday cottage stay. While there were many requests for out and out luxury, hot tubs and that sort of thing, most of the feedback was very helpful indeed. For instance, we had no idea that baking is such a popular holiday pastime! So our properties are complete with, whisks, bowls and baking trays.

Wifi was pretty obvious and it seems to be the number one requirement, but there were many smaller touches that we’ve tried to incorporate, to make our guests feel welcome and comfortable.

It’s been quite a learning curve and each stay brings its own nugget, prompt or idea as to how we can do things better or smarter.

No doubt we’ll continue to tweak and improve along the way. The comfort and safety of our guests is and always will be, our number one priorty.

So far, so good!

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